LATEST FROM Lost Dog Found

  • THUR


    "The Big Stomper" has been chosen as this week's Blues Breaker -- "Elwood's favorite new song of the week" on Elwood's Bluesmobile (formerly House of Blues Radio)!!!

    Quote from their page: "You know we might be about due for anther jump and jive revival. And here is a band that could lead the parade. A hot new swing ensemble out of San Francisco, Lost Dog Found. They gather up the styles of Dixieland, New Orleans soul, jump blues, swing, rock and soul to perform their own original tunes. These songs might not be swing standards. Yet."" Read more

  • TUES


    Official Video for "These Times Are Tough (But Baby So Are We)"!!!

    With footage from our summer 2014 tour, including a stadium full in Carlsbad, a dancin' crowd at Downtown Disney, and our favorite swing dancers at The Midtown Stomp!!! Check it out here!"

  • TUES


    Dine On Danger Now Available!!!!

    Download from iTunes or!!!

  • TUES


    New Sponsorships!!

    Kyle Pesonen, our esteemed drummer, now is proud to be an endorser of Soultone Cymbals and Silverfox Drumsticks!

  • FRI


    Review of "Dine On Danger" by the NY Examiner!

    We agree... we're unpretentious Read the Review Here

  • FRI


    Dine On Danger To Be Released Aug. 19th!!!

    Our new album, with 10 all-original tracks, have a launch date... Did you mark your calendars yet?

  • FRI


    We Won The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk BoB's!!!

    Thank you ALL for coming out and supporting us at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk / Live105 Battle of the Band's! We couldn't have won without your support! Because we won, we'll be headlining an evening in 2015 when the Boardwalk has their Sprink Break concert series!!

  • SAT


    All Tracks Recorded, On To Mixing!!!

    All the tracking is done, and we have an absolutely amazing record coming your way... on to mixing!!

  • TUE



    We'll be stopping in Santa Barbara, Downtown Disney, Las Vegas, Carlsbad, Petaluma... It's going to be a busy summer kids!

  • WED


    Album Artwork by Vince Ray!

    World famous and a favorite artist in the rockabilly scene, we've been working with Vince Ray on our album artwork, and it's just about finished... all we can say is that it involves pretty girls and rope. Get your mind out of the gutter please.

  • MON


    What Happens In Vegas

    Stays there... But we will say our night at The House of Blues was amazing, and the room we played at the Palms Casino was perfect for our scene... We'll be back in April (if not sooner) to perform at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender on Saturday April 19th, 1pm at the Bienville Room

  • MON


    Lost Dog Found wins Press Democrat's "Best Local Band" Award!

    The readers of the Press Democrat, the largest news publication North of the Golden Gate until the Oregon border, have voted Lost Dog Found as the Best Local Band! And Sonoma County is riddled with awesome bands, we could not be more honored... THANK YOU for voting for us!

  • SAT


    Laying Down New Tracks @ Fantasy Studios!

    Fantasy Studios fabled studio "D" has recorded the biggest names around (Green Day, Journey, Carlos Santana, Chris Isaak), and now you can add Lost Dog Found to that list. You can expect us to release two of our crowd pleasers, "Times Are Tough" and "The Big Stomper" within a month or two!

  • FRI


    "The Jump Start Scandal" Has Sold Out!

    After our run of early summer festivals, we have officially sold out of our last order of 1000 physical copies of the album! ALL sold at our shows!!! Thanks Everyone!